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Apr 27, 2017

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Tikal Picture/Audio Guide APP

The Tikal Audio Guide by World Culture Guides, Inc. takes you on an exciting and enlightening archaeological tour through this fabulous Classic Maya city, with special emphasis on art, architecture, and history of Tikal’s ancient inhabitants.

This app includes:
-Dozens of stunning professional photos, diagrams, drawings
-Audio and text narration
-Site map marked with important landmarks
-Sub-maps for the more complex landmarks

A detailed map lays out the whole site so that you can follow the suggested route through the most important areas first and then decide how you want to spend your time. All landmarks are numbered on the map, and more intricate or complex landmarks, such as the spiritually important North Acropolis, are further detailed in hand drawn sub-maps.

Tapping the number at each landmark opens a series of windows with stunning photos and informative drawings that illustrate its history. Scroll below each image to read about the landmark’s significance and history, or just tap the audio button to hear the audio.

Tikal is a huge site and the app lays out a route that takes you through the whole site letting you decide how much time you want to spend at each landmark. The tour takes you directly to the Great Plaza first because, if your time is limited, this is the most important part of the site. From the Great Plaza, you can choose various paths leading to all the important religious and residential areas. The recommended route continues to Temple IV passing Bat Palace and Group N with the famous Stela 16 and Altar 5.

From Temple IV we make our way southward to the Mundo Perdido astronomical complex with the oldest monumental religious pyramid in Tikal. Then proceed to the Plaza of the Seven Temples with its unique triple ball court, around the still unexcavated South Acropolis, visit Temple V and emerge onto the Mendez Causeway from where you can continue on to the elegant grooved palace complex called G Group and on to the Temple of the Inscriptions (Temple VI).

On your way back to camp you can wander through the two largest beautifully reconstructed Twin Pyramid groups and proceed to the exotic and rarely visited North Zone.

The tour ends with a short introduction to ancient water systems, wildlife and park museums. Along the way, your app guide will point out some interesting buildings still lying under the jungle cover.

This app focuses strictly on the culture and history of Tikal and does not provide information on hotels, restaurants, buses or other travel logistics.
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