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7 · Jun 14, 2021

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Version7 (7)
UpdatedJun 14, 2021
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Tilted Square game

An endless game where your score will go up and down, but you will never lose!

In this game, you control a tilted square with your finger. Your goal is to reach a score as high as you can; you earn points by shooting at enemies and you lose points by running into them or by letting them reach the middle of the screen.

You can't "lose" this game: your score will go up and down but the game won't ever end. You can, for example, make a highscore of 600 points, fall back to 350 and then go all the way back up to 900 punts and record a new highscore.

The difficulty of the game and the amount of projectiles you shoot are entirely based on your score on a given moment. As you score more and more points, the chance of shooting a follower projectile will also increase; follower projectiles (red and slow) will hit a random amount of enemies (1-10) before losing their ability to follow them and dying off. Follower projectiles also have a chance of being "frag", meaning that they will spawn multiple more follower projectiles (with frag chance = 0) upon hitting the first enemy.

When a lot of enemies reach the middle, the "middle hole" levels up; it changes color and it starts subtracting more points from your score every time an enemy reaches it. The middle hole loses experience every second, so it will level down if you manage to keep it from enemies long enough.

Make sure to adjust the sensitivity slider to match your gameplay style and have fun!

I'm a student and I've made this game in my free time; this is my first attempt at making a game, so please don't expect too much. If you enjoy playing it, a nice review and a 5-star rating will be very much appreciated! Thanks for playing!

Email: jabamun01@gmail.com

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