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1.0.2 · Nov 09, 2019

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Version1.0.2 (5)
UpdatedNov 09, 2019
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Time Calculator Cardamon Pro app

The Calculator can add, subtract, multiply, divide and convert Time Units

The Time Calculator app can be used for calculation of time :
- Add
- Subtract
- Multiply
- Divide
- Convert Time Units

It can be used as a time calculator for work and for time duration calculation

- Instant result
- Converting time units
- Setting the format of the result
- Expression and result fields with an autofit font


1 Hour + 2 Hours 30 Minutes = 3 Hours 30 Minutes

or if you will set convert to format "Hours" result will be

3.5 Hours

The Calculator allows to convert Time to following formats:

1. Year
2. Year Month
3. Year Month Day
4. Year Month Day Hour
5. Year Month Day Hour Minute
6. Month
7. Month Day
8. Month Day Hour
9. Month Day Hour Minute
10. Month Day Hour Minute Second
11. Month Week
12. Week
13. Week Day
14. Day
15. Day Hour
16. Day Hour Minute
17. Day Hour Minute Second
18. Hour
19. Hour Minute
20. Hour Minute Second
21. Minute
22. Minute Second
23. Second

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Email: dmitrii.kargashin@cardamon.org

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