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Oct 6, 2020
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Time Calculator App

Time Elapsed / Time Countdown Time Calculator

Shows Time and Date in the right place value position.

Use Time Calculator to calculate the time subtraction between 2 dates:
You can fix a date in the past and subtract it from the present time: You get the elapsed time.
You can fix a date in the future and subtract the present time: You get the countdown to the fixed date.
(Light gray dates are in the past; Light green dates are in the future)

Not available for dates earlier than 1582.
(Due to the Gregorian Calendar)

Stopwatch and a countdown counter.

Android version of:

A work in collaboration www.mathcats.com and www.nummolt.com for MathCats in 2002
(Wendy Petti and Maurici Carbó)

Practical applications proposed by users:
-. Useful to calculate demurrage. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demurrage)
-. Useful for calculating maintenance times
-. To calculate amount of pills of a medical treatment.
-. Calculate the number of days, or hours, or minutes, or seconds, remaining until retirement.
-. How old am I?
-. How old are you?
-. How many months, or weeks, or days, or hours, or minutes, or seconds are there in 1000 years?

-. Estimate the number of heartbeats throughout life at this time.
- multiplying lived minutes by a number between 60 and 100 for human beings.
- minutes, multiplied by 500 in the case of mice.
- minutes, multiplied by 28 in the case of elephants.
- minutes, multiplied by 6 in the case of the giant Galapagos tortoise.

-. Estimate the number of breaths made ​​throughout life at this time: (for human beings)
- birth to 6 weeks: 30–60 breaths per minute
- 6 months: 25–40 breaths per minute
- 3 years: 20–30 breaths per minute
- 6 years: 18–25 breaths per minute
- 10 years: 15–20 breaths per minute
- adults: 12–20 breaths per minute

Date and time difference calculator app:
Developed by: http://www.nummolt.com
In collaboration with http://www.mathcats.com
Nummolt Blog: Mathematical engine mill: http://nummolt.blogspot.com/

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