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Sep 24, 2021

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Time Gate Watch Face APP

Time Gate Watch Face is fully Wear OS 2.0 supported

NEW! Completely new redesigned Time Gate watch face!. Time Gate watch face for Android Wear is nice and clean futuristic watch face with interactive functions.
Watch face contains a huge number and user friendly settings on the watch and the phone companion app.
The watch face contains 3 tap targets on the screen and you can customize them to be more informative which include various number of data such as FIT data information or any external data from external complications .
The Android Wear 2.0 comes with external complication which this watch face supports completely.

★  How to select shortcuts in the position (complication)

- Long tap on the watch face
- System shows icon "gear" for the watch face settings. Tap on it
- Select "Customize" option
- Select "Complications" option
- Select desired position
- Select "External Complication"
- Find "General" from list and select it
- Select "App shortcut" and choose desired app
You are ready to go.

★  New version replaces shortcuts with external complications
New version replaces old built-in shortcuts with external complications (in watch settings ) which gives to the user more options to show on the watch face (f.e. shortcuts for all installed apps on the watch, system data like as day\nights sunlights, time zones, weather, and much more)

★ ANDROID WEAR 2.0 integration
• Fully standalone! (iPhone and Android compatible)
• External complication data for the indicators

★ Compatible with all Android Wear watches
• External complications
• Background types
• Change color
• 24 hour format
• Leading zero
• Screen time
• Forecast
• Full ambient mode option
• Change a color preset on tap
• Tap indicator
• Google FIT integration
• Weather settings (location, providers, frequency update, units)

★ NEW option for paid version ★
• Vibrate on every hour

Built-in complications:

• Steps
• Distance
• Walking
• Running
• Biking
• Calories
• Fit statistics
• HeartRate detector
• Steps counter from wear device (built-in steps)


How do I install the watch face on Android Wear 2.0?
Option 1:
1. Install it from Google Play Wear Store on your watch.
2. Install the companion app for fully customization (Android phone devices).

Option 2:
1. On the companion app press "Install app on wearable". After you pressed a button, watch will open Google Play Store to current watch face position.
.2. Press install for this watch face and system will install it on the watch.

The watch face CANNOT be installed on smartwatches with TizenOS (Samsung Gear 2, 3, ..) or any other OS except WearOS

!! Please contact us if you have any trouble with the app !!

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