Defeat all ghosts before time's up!


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Feb 20, 2024

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Time Zero GAME

horizontal scroll shooting RPG Shinbi Apt "Time Zero"
This is a game where you defeat the ghosts on your screen
within the given time
using various weapons.

Easy battle!⚔️
Weapons fire automatially!!
It is a casual game that can be enjoyed by young and old.
Easily move your character around on your fingertip.
ANYONE and EVERYONE can enjoy this game!

Various types of ghosts!👻
All of the ghosts from Shinbi Apt will be dispatched!
You'll meet a variety of Shinbi Apartment ghosts through the game.

Strong weapons!💪
They help you get rid of multiple ghosts in one shot!
Enhance your weapons to create powerful weapons.

Giant ghosts!👹
A terrifying giant ghost appears every week!
Defeat giant ghosts and earn reward keys.
Open the Mystery Box to get various rewards!
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