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TimsRun - Coffee Run APK

Coffee Time!!! Who's Going to Tims?

Version2.0 (14)
UpdatedDec 20, 2012 (8 years ago)
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There's nothing like a Tim Hortons coffee, we love it, crave it, NEED IT!!! So when you decide to leave and go get one, everyone around you wants one too. A "Tims Run" is born, you better go find a pen and paper and write down everyone's order. (Make sure you don't lose it on your way to Timmy's)

Now you can instantly notify people around you when your going on a coffee run, or share you run via web link. Friends can submit their orders directly to your mobile device. Manage your run by stopping order taking, messaging users or kicking orders off your list. When you’re ready to go click “Let’s Go” to see where your orders are physically located and the closest Tim Hortons. When you get back just click “Complete” to notify everyone where their coffee orders are.

Likewise, wish you had a Tim Hortons coffee, but you can’t leave the office. Maybe someone else is going, when you enter your locations of interest, you will receive a notification when someone else is going on a coffee run. Just press “I’m IN” and your order is submitted to the runner.

Tims Run dropdown lists have been customized to Tim Hortons beverages offered at most locations in Canada and the US. (For those annoying people who don't know what to get and wants to know whats available ;@)

What's New

- Instant Coffee Run notifications
- Coffee Order sending\receiving
- Order tracking
- Message users
- Google Directions
- Road\Sat Map switching

* Improved battery usage, updated setup, server saved orders and fixes


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