Tiny Bang APK

The game to test your reaction time against other players online

Version1.0.10 (10)
UpdatedNov 17, 2020 (1 week ago)
DeveloperAleksei Jusev
CategoryGames, Action

The Tiny Bang is a multiplayer game, where you play as a cowboy back in the old ages, when Duel was at its peak. Join the queue to compete against groups of up to 256 players. When you win a duel, then you will automatically advance to the next round, until all players has been defeated. There could only be one winner and only last player remaining will receive rewards for the fastest reaction time.

Make use of the Tiny Shop, where you can spend your earned gaming moneys on Revolvers. Those items will help you reduce your reaction time and thus, provide you with a higher percentage of winning in a duel. However, make sure that you have enough revolvers, as the more rounds you enter to, the more revolvers you will need to have.

Earn points when competing against other players and move up the Leaderboard. The highest ranked player would then become a target that every other person would want to compete against, because he will carry a big reward if anyone can get him defeated in a duel.

The Tiny Bang has been designed and developed to test your reaction times.
Did you know that the average reaction time for humans is:
- 250ms to a visual stimulus
- 170ms for an audio stimulus
- 150ms for a touch stimulus

This game will test your reaction time against all other humans that are playing it.

Do you think you are better at reacting against your relatives? Invite them into the Duel by using "Challenge for a Duel" action and see who reacts faster.

Happy Banging!

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Get ready to duel against everybody online. Are you going to grab that first place in the leadership?

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