tiny doctors APK

So many Doctors. So little time.

Version1.4.1 (8)
UpdatedJan 06, 2016 (4 years ago)
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Features cute miniature versions of your favourite timelord.

The idea was originally created by the artist who also made the illustrations: Jonathan Abucejo!
It all started as a Pebble project, but I thought it might be really nice to have it on Android Wear aswell.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this watchface is now also available for selected Samsung watches, running Tizen OS -> to download it for your Samsung watch you have to download it from the Gear App Store, not this version here from the Google Play Store. If you want it for your Pebble (b/w) then it's the same -> download it from the Pebble Store

ATTENTION: you need an Android Wear watch in order to use this app!!! (thanks to those 1★-givers btw. who couldn't figure that out :P)
Please, if you have a problem with it just mail me and I'll try to help/solve/explain it as best as I can... there's no need to be rude...

How does it work?

• it shows the hour by displaying the according Doctor (e.g. from 10:00-10:59 am/pm you'll find the 10th Doctor!)
• the War Doctor appears as a second 8th Doctor, from 8:30-8:59 am/pm
• minutes are displayed inside each Doctor's Tardis
• month and day can also be found in the TARDIS and is displayed in your watch's language
• you may notice some additional characters (aliens, evil and/or friendly) appearing on your screen sometimes - don't worry, that's part of the fun and gives the watchface a surprising touch ;) Notice, this will happen completely on random!!!

(there's this thing, some may call it a bug, with Android Wear where all non-supported languages are forced to show the US english settings... so, if your phone's language is for example DUTCH then your Wearable will be in english anyways, and therefore its way of presenting the date!)

It needs some time to interpret the time easily, but when you're a real Whovian you will be able to achieve it in virtually no time!

This Watchface was tested successfully on a Moto360 (Gen1) and a Sony SW3 here in my humble abode...

#DrWho #Whovian #Doctor

Email: fonkri@gmail.com

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