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May 15, 2017

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This is the official Android application of the Trumpet Music Online Youtube channel. Download the latest trumpet sheetmusic, watch some covers or just look for some information with this app!

To watch the TMO cover:
• Click on the Youtube icon in the upper right. You'll be redirected to my cover in the official Youtube app (must be installed).

To view my sheetmusic:
• Click on the 'Download Sheetmusic' button below.
• Wait untill the sheetmusic is downloaded, you'll get notified.
• The sheetmusic will be opened automatically in a PDF-reader (must be installed).
• When you return another time, the 'Download Sheetmusic' button has changed to 'View Sheetmusic'. Click to open the sheetmusic.";

Q-"Is this app free to use?"
A-"Yes, it is! The advertisements keep this app free to use, for everyone!"

Q-"Does this app require an internet connection?"
A-"To download the data and sheetmusic you need a working internet connection, but once you downloaded it, you can access the data and sheetmusic without any connection!"

Q-"Is this app also available for iOS?"
A-"No, no yet. Why? Because it costs 100$ a year to put an application in the Apple store, where Android only charges 25$, one time. To develop iOS apps, you also need a computer with OSx, which I don't have. This means that I have to spent more than 1000$ to make an app for you, which I have not. Maybe in the future, sometime..."

With using this app and/or the TMO site you agree with our Terms of Services. We don't share any user data with others. The only data saved on our servers is used to improve our services, track stats or let our apps work perfect.
This app is free to download and we'll never charge any costs to you for usage. Your mobile provider can charge costs for the data traffic this app uses if not connected to wifi.
We're not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by this app.

Have fun with this application!

For questions or suggestions, you can reach me at:
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