To Do List : Daily Diary , Notes and Motivation APK

To do list with Daily Diary , Notes and Motivation.

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UpdatedDec 25, 2018 (2 years ago)
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Short Description :-
To do list is an android application used to record task based on IMPORTANT URGENT MATRIX.
It even has Daily Diary to record about your day , Notes to record your thoughts , idea etc and 3000 Motivational and Inspirational Quote (Offline).

Long Description :-
Some 6 month ago i have found a technique by name IMPORTANT URGENT MATRIX. This technique was very useful for me and million people around the world because it helped to utilize my time more effectively. It helped me to focus only on task that helped me to reach goal. By using this technique , I complete my task on or before deadline. I believe that the person who use this technique will use his time most effectively.

Features :-
1) To do list :-
To do list based on Important Urgent Matrix.
Important Urgent Matrix is one of the most greatest time management technique.
To known what is Important Urgent Matrix then visit
Blog (English) :- https://www.groupmap.com/map-templates/urgent-important-matrix/
Youtube Video link (Hindi) :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhXFz14SFsI
Youtube Video link (English) :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czh4rmk75jc
Note :- These video are not created by me and even I am not promoting their link

2) Daily Diary.
It contain daily diary to record about your day.

3) Notes.
It contain even Notes to add your thoughts , idea etc.

4) Motivational Quotes.
It contain 3000 Inspirational and Motivational quotes (Offline).

Email: nibcompany1999@gmail.com

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