Tody - Smarter Cleaning APK

Tody is a smarter to-do list for cleaning routines.

Version1.9.1 (73)
UpdatedSep 14, 2020 (1 month ago)
DeveloperLoopLoop Aps
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✔️ Do you struggle keeping your home guest clean?
✔️ Do you often end-up doing tasks that should not have had priority?

🚀 Get Tody and start cleaning smarter today! 🚀
Join the 500.000, who already downloaded Tody to get on top of cleaning chores.

Recommended by: Care.com & WIRED Magazine

★ Get started in minutes
Tody will help your setup a tailored plan to fit your exact needs.

★ Get on-going motivation
Visually track your efforts and reach your goals. Tody’s indicators will clearly display the need of doing a task even it cannot be observed (e.g. changing the bed sheets).

★ Even out the work load
You can plan your efforts with absolute flexibility. Break down chores into small manageable chunks and do them whenever you have time. Whether you like to do a little every day or a bunch once in a while is up to you. No more getting overwhelmed with plans that doesn’t fit you.

★ Share and coordinate
Tody lets you share your plan with others. You can assign work to participants and set up rotation schemes to achieve a fair distribution of efforts. Also ideal for coordinating work with a maid. Can be shared across Android and iOS.

★ Maintain instead of repairing
Doing cleaning chores and home maintenance regularly is better long term. When the drain is clogged or the bathroom tiles are deeply covered in scale, it is often too late. At this point professional repairment and often replacement necessary. This is bad for the environment and your purse.

Why does it work
Read the reviews, and you will see that the Tody approach actually works and often has a profound impact on the user's life. Why does it work so well compared to other apps and systems? Firstly, it is simply an optimal way of planning tasks. Secondly, the visualization of need and progress is a great motivational tool.

🏖️ Smarter planning 🏖️
The individual tracking of tasks by exact need lets you prioritize optimally. This means that you actually have to do less that if you were using a simpler calendar based system. If you used to clean an entire area/home on a specific weekday you are doing all tasks with the same frequency. It reality tasks very have different requirements, and therefor you will be doing some tasks way to often.

🔥 Motivates 🔥
Research in human behaviour show that if you know your current state and if you can see the effect of acting upon this you are much more likely to reach your goal. Tody's indicators of need offers exactly this for your home chores.

Despite of it's simple interface, Tody can be customized to fit almost any need. Whether you are living alone or a family you can use it to smarten up the your cleaning. Even businesses use Tody to keep their shop space or productions facilities clean.
While the main focus of Tody is to support your management of recurring cleaning tasks, our users often include all their recurring tasks in their home, e.g. personal care and pet care etc. It is also great for ensuring timely replenishment of household stocks.

What's New

Quicker and easier setup with the new task library wizard.

Email: support@todyapp.com

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