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This is the best free game to play Solitary.

Version1.0.2 (102)
UpdatedMar 25, 2016 (5 years ago)
DeveloperRodinia Games
CategoryGames, Board

The most popular card game in the world!

This is the best free game to play Solitary.

Now you can play solitary on your mobile device.

This no doubt is the best Solitary you can download ! No virus and totally free ! With the guarantee of Rodinia Games.

Use the Touch to move the cards.

The game:
You must complete four straight flushes, and place them in the top right, you begin by the Ace of each suit or paint . and then 2 and so on until all numerically the deck.
Are dealt 52 cards (no jokers) of which are divided into 7 columns, the rest of the deck or card is face down in the upper left corner.
You must discover the Aces to place them in the upper right corner and start the game well, for that you can move cards or cards for the columns, always oldest to youngest, interspersing colors. That will allow you to discover the tastings you're covered. When you can not move or open any letter below, you'll uncover the cards stacked on the deck of the upper left corner.

When left an empty space in the columns can always occupy a letter K.

No potential pitfalls, So test your quick thinking and start now to order the deck.

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