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this game is a moderne version of arcade for android.

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedDec 30, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperHappy 4 Games
CategoryGames, Arcade

Arcade games is probably the most common theme when it comes to make games for kids. Unlike some arcade classic game, this game is a moderne version of arcade for android. Isnt it strange and amazing !!!

From now on you can play Top tap spin as a free arcade game for kids as top jeux, you can test your ability to avoid obstacles and your reflexs speed. You have just to tap tap the screen and watch the circle rotate. Pay attenetion to the coming obstacles and pay attention to when you tap the screen.

You can challenge your friends as who can get the perfect and highest score. It may seem easy as a spiner game but its not the case. Try this dual spin game and compare your score to the one your friends made. Try to control the duo balls.
With a simple graphic you will enjoy a maximum of challenge with this free rotation game.

Why are still rading this and wasting your time. Its tim to stop reading and start downloading this free spinner game. Your will eenjoy it kids and it will enhance your speed and reflexes.


Its simple to play but hard to master, you need to have a fast hand, and if its not your cas kids, play it even more and you caan master it as a pro spinning gamer. When the game starts, tap the screen once and you will notice that the circle started rotationg and the balls so well. Tap again the screen and those objects will rotate in the previous opposite direction of rotation. While you progress in the game, many obstacles will apear, as a balls or squares… You need to adapt your caractere rotation so you wont hit those obstacles. One obstacles avoided equals one point. And pay attention, because if one ball succeses passing a certain obstacle, you still have on more ball under you need to deal with it as well.

When you lose, you score will appear as well as the best score made on your devise, so try do be the best, and be the best.

Email: kamlop89@gmail.com

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