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May 10, 2020

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TopBuzz: Notícia e diversão em APP

The TopBuzz app - Free online news platform made for you to update with the latest of the moment. Named one of the Best Apps in 2016 and awarded Top Trending Apps 2017 both by Google Play, TopBuzz distributes content from the internet and brings the latest news from Brazil and across the globe with agility.

Unlike any other free online news and content app, TopBuzz is powered by artificial intelligence without the need to select what you are most interested in. Everything you want to read and watch is automatically loaded quickly and optimally without taking up space on your phone. Download your news center from across the globe now and have all the content you want in the palm of your hand!

TopBuzz offers:

1- What's Hot: hot topics, news of the day, # ELECTIONS, top football news, TV channel soap operas, celebrity gossip and youtubers, Whatsapp beautiful messages, horoscopes, quizzes, buzz and so on.
2- The best free online news: Enriching even more your knowledge, the app has high quality partners without signing. See the latest news of the day and the globe of portals like 1NEWS, Lance !, Exam, Celebrities on the Web, Folha de São Paulo, BuzzFeed Brasil, Metrópoles, Metro Jornal, TecMundo, VIP Area, SEE and more!

3- Wide variety of news:
In addition to what's in the gossip and buzz of youtubers and the soap operas of television channels, you can choose the latest news of the day and top funny videos of the desired category: video, GIF, Sport, quizzes, buzz, Politics, Cars, Gastronomy, news from Brazil and the globe, horoscope and so on. In addition to changing the display order of the categories, you can delete or add them. If you want to enjoy the best free online content without much effort, the "For You" category is the most practical.
Top Funny Videos: If a good laugh is what you need, check out our gifs and top funny videos ranging from Whatsapp viral to TV and Youtube channels. You'll also find top funny videos of your favorite youtubers.
Sport: Be a fantastic fishing video, or the latest news from your favorite football team. Here you will find the main headlines of all kinds of sports, even commentary of your sports youtubers.
Novels and Television: Do not miss more funny TV video and stay inside the television and celebrity entertainment. Follow what they say about what went on on the main channels of free TV or on television soap operas. Get practically a free TV with no subscription entertainment required.
Gastronomy: See recipes from youtubers and celebrities from all over Brazil, such as gaucho and baiana food, or that traditional feijoada de lei.

4- Latest News Alerts: Get first-hand the hottest day news from around the globe, whether it's the most watched entertainment channels on the free TV or the newspaper you receive at home. Be notified of the hottest celebrity gossip and buzz news, online TV news, recipes, horoscopes, new political change.

You can:
Share where you like: Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc. Do not let your friends out of the free TV gossip news, horoscopes, quizzes, buzz top funny videos that viralize on Youtube.
Comment on what you think about it. Answer other people's comments and participate in debates about the Brazilian news!
Click on 👍 or 👎 on news from Brazil or the World, quizzes, funny video or the comment of someone who has liked.

Download the TopBuzz Lite app now and get access to all of it for free!

Oh, do not forget to give your feedback on your experience in TopBuzz Lite. Your feedback is important to us!
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