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Nov 18, 2020
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TopCog's Duel Arena - Hero Battle Game GAME

Build your Team. Discover Combos. Crush your Rivals!

Duel Arena is a PvP strategy like no game you have ever played Guaranteed! It is a fresh and original mobile PvP game, with simple to learn but hard to master mechanics. Choose your Team of 5 Heroes, each with different Abilities, then Duel a Rival Commander in the Arena! Some Example Heroes:

• Eternal Bladedancer, with Steady Growth (Gains more Power each Round)
• Labyrinth Officer, with Death Cry (Damages Targets when he loses a Duel)
• Blue Cerberus, with Gather Essence (Gains Power based on how many Allies have died)
• Forestborn Stalker, with Soul Force (Boosts Neighbors based on how many Heroes are still alive)

Can you figure out a good strategy with these Heroes? Put your mettle to the test in the Arena!

Duel Arena features:
• Player versus Player matches with no wait time!
• Single player Campaign mode!
• Rotating Events with zany rules!
• Over 35 Unique Heroes!
• Simple to learn battle mechanics with layered strategy!
• Addictive, fast-paced duels with challenging decisions!
• Competitive ladder with monthly seasons and season rewards!
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