TopCog's Duel Arena - Hero Battle Game APK

Innovative Turn-Based Strategy Game!

Version1.1.7 (44)
UpdatedAug 18, 2020 (3 months ago)
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Build your Team. Discover Combos. Crush your Rivals!

Duel Arena is a PvP strategy like no game you have ever played Guaranteed! It is a fresh and original mobile PvP game, with simple to learn but hard to master mechanics. Choose your Team of 5 Heroes, each with different Abilities, then Duel a Rival Commander in the Arena! Some Example Heroes:

• Eternal Bladedancer, with Steady Growth (Gains more Power each Round)
• Labyrinth Officer, with Death Cry (Damages Targets when he loses a Duel)
• Blue Cerberus, with Gather Essence (Gains Power based on how many Allies have died)
• Forestborn Stalker, with Soul Force (Boosts Neighbors based on how many Heroes are still alive)

Can you figure out a good strategy with these Heroes? Put your mettle to the test in the Arena!

Duel Arena features:
• Player versus Player matches with no wait time!
• Single player Campaign mode!
• Rotating Events with zany rules!
• Over 35 Unique Heroes!
• Simple to learn battle mechanics with layered strategy!
• Addictive, fast-paced duels with challenging decisions!
• Competitive ladder with monthly seasons and season rewards!

What's New

Fixed some bugs!
The amount of time that Abilities can trigger per Round is now set to 5, and subject to change in the future!

The last update introduced a few infinite combos into the game - oops!
Now, each Ability can only trigger a maximum of 10 times per Round!

Another huge update, with 7 new abilities!
The Rogue Class has been completely reworked, and most Poison/Toxin related abilities are removed from the game!

Email: contact@topcogllc.com

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