Tops Champions : Blade Battle !!!

Tops Champions : Blade Battle guide your BeyBlade to a portion of the rim without point while earning rewards. your spin tops in By reviving some of the classic arcade games, Take control of your favorite collection, and unlock the others Beyblade.

Tops Champion Race and collide into Spinning Tops. You can customize your Spin-Tops with many different parts. In Spinning Tops, wheelz your tops, you will be spinning with your battle Tops Champions : Spinning BeyBlade Battle around and avoid the tops obstacles by “the great dance top” and try to knock your opponents down before your top stops.

Try to get the best high score in Arcade mode fighting against endless opponents, or win cups in tournaments in Career mode BeyBlade.

Tops Champions : Blade Battle need your help to win the battle! Presented a number of adjustments to make it more interesting and exciting. There are several levels.

Game interface:

- Color Circles Spinning Blade.
- The game is simple.
- High quality video.
- Special attacks
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What's New

Fix Bugs
Add more Tops
BeyBlade Champions
New Tops for Battle
Blade Spinning
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Latest Version

Version1.6 (6)
Updated2019-09-25 (3 months ago)
Installs 500,000+

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