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Motivation through Control, end workout boredom, your workout your way.

UpdatedJul 29, 2013 (7 years ago)
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Whether you have TaeKwonDo experience or are totally new to the sport, Total Control: TaeKwonDo is the app for you.

Total Control: TaeKwonDo puts you in control of your workout. You control all aspects of your workout while the app counts and / or calls each move you choose by name. Set your own pace and time for each workout. Create your own routine from over 100 different moves (paid version only) It’s like working out with a personal trainer.

Total Control: TaeKwonDo was created and is performed by Master Bill Helman. Master Bill is a 5th Degree Kukiwon certified Master instructor. He holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Gumdo, a Korean Sword Art and has had extensive physical fitness training as well as some formal Boxing training. Master Bill is dressed in a form fitting uniform to best highlight the movement of the limbs in each of the techniques. In TaeKwonDo spirit he is wearing his Black Belt.

For more than 25 years much of his TaeKwonDo training has been under the guidance of an 8th Degree Kukiwon certified Grand Master.

Techniques are performed to best show how to execute them for everyone – even for a beginner. Therefore these moves were not performed at “full throttle,” to best allow you to follow along and learn.

Total Control: TaeKwonDo includes kicks, blocks, and hand strikes. It also includes stretches and poses to provide the most complete workout possible.

These moves are creatively assembled in a shadow style kick boxing workout. This creative implementation will reinforce TaeKwonDo techniques; provides a vigorous workout, and aids in self-defense. These techniques are not normally used in sparring and can be quite challenging even for experienced martial arts fans. There is an embedded video of Master Bill executing every move. Each move also contains a brief description and can be viewed before you add it to your routine.

Total Control: TaekwonDo features:

• Improve overall fitness
• Teach and reinforce TaeKwonDo moves
• Act as a virtual personal trainer
• Challenge your friends by sharing moves (requires paid version)
• Built in sample routines created by our TaeKwonDo Master
• Practice self-defense skills
• Adjust the tempo of any routine to make it faster or slower.
• End workout boredom! Have a different workout every day – automatically
• Blocks, Strikes, and Kicks
• Stretches and Poses
• Contains more than 100 moves that can be combined in thousands of different combinations. (requires paid version, free version has limited number of moves)

Vary your workout, use your front or back arm or front or back leg as best suits you. Total Control lets you repeat one or more moves any number of times to craft the workout that suits your mood. Looking for a killer workout of 30 minutes or more, it can do that. Only have 5 minutes? Let Total Control automatically create a random routine for the time you have available.

Use the on screen videos to follow along, or just listen as Total Control reads off each move and gives you a professional reverse count on repeated moves.

Yoga like Poses are positions that are held for a set period of time. Master Bill has created original poses based on TaeKwonDo techniques to provide balance and core strengthening.

Where most apps are very limited in their web and informative support, Total Control TaeKwonDo is totally different!! This app is a passion and training tool conjured, developed, and used by Master Bill whose focus and lifestyle has been Martial Arts based for the past 25 years plus! He built a website and developed this app to document and share some of this passion!!

For much more information and access to our routine of the week, visit http://TaeVerge.com

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