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Duplicate bridge card dealer and scorer - watch the video!

Version1.0.5 (18)
UpdatedAug 20, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperKobus Burger
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App for enhancing your bridge card game experience.

Tourney is NOT an online bridge playing app. It's a card dealer and tournament scorer.

Playing duplicate bridge (iso rubber bridge) at home is not usually an option. Tourney
'bridge' that gap and assists the dealer to deal duplicate bridge deals previously downloaded from the web.

Using your selfie camera on your phone, Tourney can 'read' the cards as they are dealt and then cross-reference the cards to pre-recorded (and scored) deals.

• Android phone with camera
• Deck of Bicycle cards

Standard play
• Download a bridge tournament from the web. (*.lin file)
• Deal cards using Tourney
• Enter the contract
• Enter the score
• View the results

The scoring uses match points that are converted to a percentage. Tourney manages that all for you.

Tourney comes pre-loaded with 8 tournaments(16 deals each) and a bundle of deals so that you can create your own quick tournaments. More tournaments can be downloaded for free from the internet. Thanks to the Vugraph project for bridge deals.

As more people use Tourney more scores are collected and more accurate scores/percentages will be calculated.

On the Tourney website is a QRcode generator - simply enter your deal on the web and Tourney will generate you a QRcode image that can be scanned by the built-in QR code reader that comes bundled with Tourney. You can then deal and play bridge deals before reading the expert advice.

Enjoy! Drop me an email for bugs and improvements.

Bridge card game is the best!

Please note: Trained for Bicycle cards

Email: kobus.burger67@gmail.com

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