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Jul 26, 2022

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TOYOTA SmartDeviceLink APP

TOYOTA SmartDeviceLink is a dedicated app required to use Toyota Motor Corporation's SDL (SmartDeviceLink).

■ SDL (SmartDeviceLink)
A service that connects your vehicle and smartphone via Bluetooth.
SDL-compatible apps installed on your smartphone appear on your vehicle's onboard display.

This enables you to safely and easily use your smartphone apps on the onboard display, at your convenience and without the need to operate the smartphone itself.

[Main Functions]
(1) SDL-compatible smartphone apps linked to the onboard display
The vehicle and smartphone are connected via Bluetooth. TOYOTA SmartDeviceLink then displays SDL-compatible smartphone applications on the onboard display.

(2) List of apps
Displays a list of SDL-compatible apps installed on your smartphone.
Apps can be added or removed from the list, and the order of display can be changed.

(3) Add apps
Displays a list of SDL-compatible apps not installed on your smartphone.
A single click takes you to the GooglePlay installation page for the selected app.

Note: To ensure safe use, input on the smartphone itself may be restricted while SDL is being used.

[Confirmed Compatible Operating Systems]
Android 7 and newer

[Confirmed Compatible Devices]
Smartphones only (excludes tablets)
Warning: Please note that compatibility is tested using a fixed set of criteria. Some devices may not be fully compatible.

[Usage Precautions]
・ Check the terms of use for the individual apps when installing and using compatible smartphone apps.
・ A vehicle with an SDL-compatible Toyota onboard navigation system is also required.
・ Your smartphone and onboard navigation system must be mutually compatible.
・ Some applications can be used by connecting a smartphone to onboard navigation system via USB cable.
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