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Set your phone location to anywhere in the world with just one click, if you need to test other apps ability to track gps information without the need to catch a GPS signal or just want to play a small prank with your friends then this FAKE GPS app is for you without any cost.

Fake GPS - currently the best looking fake location app from all the fake location apps. FAKE GPS app sets up fake GPS location so every other app in your phone believes you are there!

Trick your phone into thinking that it is somewhere else. You can be in Rome, London or simply anywhere in the world. It’s simple and great fun to trick people with. You can use the app to pull a prank or show that you’re somewhere else as an excuse.

The following is needed to make FAKE GPS app runs smoothly:

* It is needed that you turn on "Allow Mock Locations" on Settings

* Don´t forget to disable "Use wireless networks" options in Location settings in order to avoid an problem where you will keep receiving fake locations even after stopping Fake GPS.

* Make sure you run Fake GPS first so other apps receive coordinates from the app and not from the real sensor

Important notes:
- This fake location app requires to have play services and maps installed.
- if the app stops working, or behaving strangely then simply restart the device.

If you find any bugs and have you suggestion make to better our application, please feel free to contact us and share your suggestion or ideas with us. Thanks for used..!!


- Minor bug Fixed.

Email: biz@a1brains.net

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