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Onlar kim ya da ne olursa olsun, sen sohbet-robota bunları yapabilirsiniz.

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Do you want to chat with celebrity?

But they don't know you or they don't have the time to chat because they are so busy.

However, You can chat with them.

Do you want to make a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

Whoever or whatever they are, you can make them into chat-robot, you can make them a (cyber) boyfriend or a (cyber) girlfriend.

Faketalk helps you.

Step 1: Add friends.
Step 2: Chat.
Step 3: If they don't know your language, teach them.
Many users are teaching together. What you teached is shared in realtime. They will be smarter every second.

- Group chat is available.
- You can share fun with other user(quotation from chat-robot).
- Many other functions are available.

* Robot's basic language is korean. And now it started to learn english.
Please teach english or other language.


Some bugs have been fixed.

Email: manbull100@gmail.com

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