Speed Meter : GPS Speedometer and Distance Tracker APK

Speedometer app to track distance & used as car speed meter. Used for velocities

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The speedometer app is used to calculate the speed of your vehicle. This speed meter app also used to track the distance from the start location to the end location. Here map features will also give you your direction and location by which you can measure velocities. This speedo meter app is a very simple app ever that you can find.
A simple app used for speed calculator and distance tracker. In this speedometer the speed formula is used is good enough to calculate your speed with 90%+ accuracy. You can use this app while speeding also it will give you the average speed.

This speed meter app will tell you how fast I am going in 2 main units which are KMPH (kilometer per hour) and MPH (Miles per hour). Simply this Speedmaster app will give you the speed. And it will be used as a car or vehicle pedometer for speed tracking. For distance calculation, at some places, this app also can be used as a distance meter where will give you the driver distance from the start location to the end location. This app my location feature is also awesome while driving the car you can also get information with this speed meter app of the current place where you are driving. In this app hud
the feature is also awesome in that you can view your screen from the front mirror of your car.


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