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In Virtual Happy Family Mother Game: Fun Kids Simulator 2020 you will face new challenges, This story is about a mom who wants to comfort her virtual family by performing some house hold activities. You will forget all other virtual simulator after playing this virtual family mom simulator game. Virtual mom has to prove herself as a real ultimate family woman and now it’s mom turn by performing miraculous house hold activities. Step into the shoes of a mom daily life. This game plays on the element of surprise. The completion of every level increases the variety and difficulty of tasks.The life of a mom is hard. Do not let your virtual family down!You will surely enjoy this family fun of a virtual mom.

Enjoy many activities in this Virtual Happy Family Mother Game: Fun Kids Simulator 2020. Mom wakes up and goes to the kitchen. Makes breakfast and takes it to her husband. Mom is working when the baby starts crying in her room. Mom goes to her room and picks her up. Spends some time with the baby and then puts her to sleep in kid’s cot. Mom has to clean up around the house. She picks up stuff that has fallen on the floor in different messy rooms. Mom picks up laundry basket and takes it to the washing machine to clean clothes.Then takes the clean and dried clothes and places them in the closet. There are some boxes in the study room.They need to be stored in the garage. Mom goes to the supermarket with neighbor to buy groceries for house. Boy has homework and mom tells him to go to his room and complete his homework. It is time to play and boy goes to his room, He takes out a jigsaw puzzle and solves it. Mom tells son to pick all the toys he left around the house. Dad goes outside, De-Weeds the Lawn,and pulls some old plants from the ground. Goes to the garage and picks up a crate. Takes it to the garden.Then plants some plants in the ground from the crate.It's time for a Family BBQ lunch and dad preps the equipment. Goes to the garage to bring the gas canister.Takes it to the BBQ stand and cooks food for your family members in this Virtual Happy Family Mother Game: Fun Kids Simulator 2020.

Virtual Family is especially design for happy family mom simulator games lovers. Taking care of you house, fulfill your all daily tasks in Virtual Happy Family Mother Game: Fun Kids Simulator 2020.

Virtual Happy Family Mother Game Features
Become a real hero mom by managing all the household chores
Take care of the virtual family (husband, kids and pets)
Cook like a professional chef
Smooth and easy controls
High Quality animations and 3D graphics!

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