Virtual Super Mother Happy Busy Life Simulator APK + OBB

Play as a mother or baby and enjoy the perfect family simulator!

Sürüm1.0.1 (15)
Güncellendi17 Oca 2021 (2 ay önce)
GeliştiriciLevel9 Studios
KategoriOyunlar, Keşif ve Tasarlama
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Welcome to the family friendly simulator of 2020. Play as a busy mother and enjoy the family fun moments and live your dream. A mother is a key member of any family who faces hyper challenging daily tasks to make a happy home. She goes through different hardships to keep the family fun moments. In this happy home game, you are playing as a mother who has to complete different hyper challenging tasks of daily life. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

In this game filled with family fun moments, you can play either as a mother or as a baby. When you are playing as a mother, you will be given different hyper challenging tasks like feed the kids, go to shopping, make dinner for the family, have family fun moments with children and husband, give children bath, and many other tasks. If you are playing as a baby, you will perform different happy home naughty tasks like spilling water on the floor, breaking things in the house, making mess out of the happy home, and many more tasks. No matter which character you choose to play, you will always enjoy the family fun moments in this game. Each hyper challenging task is filled with exquisite fun. You will definitely enjoy the family friendly environment and live your dream of playing happy home simulator. 👩‍👦

The graphics and family friendly environment of this game are super smooth and clear. Each bit of this game is designed to make you live your dream of a perfect hyper challenging family fun moments simulator. The characters in this game are designed in such a way to give you the realistic look of a happy home. This family friendly hyper challenging game has tasks divided accurately according to the gameplay. You will never get bored of this family friendly game. Live your dream of a perfect family simulator!

The controls of this game are super easy. All you have to do is move around using the joystick control. You can also interact with different objects using hand gesture button to live your dream as a super mom or a naught baby. You can also check the hints time to time to keep your objective in check. The story of pregnant mother starts in this amazing pregnant simulator. With motherhood news you are now a pregnant mommy. Experience real life simulation in giving birth games and family games.

Live your dream in this perfect simulator made just for you and enjoy the family friendly time!

👩‍ Smooth gameplay.
👩‍ High quality graphics.
‍👩‍ Easy and interactive controls.
‍👩‍ Play as a mother or a baby.
‍👩‍ Different tasks to complete
‍👩‍ Live your dream!

Email: pixellogicstudios@gmail.com

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