BMS Electronic Flightbag APK

Seyrüsefer, operasyonel ve diğer yardımları da dahil olmak üzere Falcon BMS için bir araç.

Sürüm1.0.3 (4)
Güncellendi02 Ara 2012 (8 yıl önce)
GeliştiriciNick Rammos
KategoriUygulamalar, Eğlence
Yükleme sayısı10.000+

BMS Electronic Flightbag is an application for Falcon BMS. It is designed to make your life a little bit easier when operating your virtual F-16 and navigating the virtual

skies. You can view and complete checklists on your phone or tablet, and have navigation data and charts at your fingetips.

More features to come! For any feedback, issues or suggestions, visit the application's thread on the BMS forums:



Navigation data, charts and interactive map provided by Red Dog
BMS icon and logo created by Sundevil
High resolution icon and logo made by Arty


- Fixed typo in the app name
- Android 3.0 and higher: touching the app icon in the action bar will return you to the main menu
- Android 3.0 and higher: the "Clear" menu item for the checklists has been moved to the action bar
- Added some avionics procedures
- Added Reference section
- Added Default Frequencies in Reference section
- Added some threat info in Reference section

Email: kosmo17@gmail.com

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