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Sürüm1.1 (2)
Güncellendi15 Ağu 2018 (2 yıl önce)
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Eyes Laser Effects Camera
Eyes Laser Effects Camera - a game application joke, where you can make photo effects by overlapping laser eyes! Want a photo like a super hero?
Our app will help you make a selfie with rays from the eyes!
Make the coolest selfie!
Processed photos, save and send to your friends!
Surprise your family and friends!
The game has many different types of lasers and ultra light!
X-ray vision all will envy!
You can choose the color of the laser, the size and direction!
So you can handle and your cat! Will you have a super cat!
Editor cheer everyone!
Warning, this game is designed to draw and fun!
Download the "Eyes Laser Effects Camera" app for free right now and play anywhere, since it does not require an internet connection!

Eyes Laser Effects Camera. Simulator. Video is a camera effect. Direct phone towards face, video editor will define the eyes area and add the special effect of laser beams coming out from your eyeballs in real time filming! Shoot the video with laser look! Add the burning sight special effect to friend’s videos! Direct the phone camera towards their faces and make them burn everything with laser eyes on video! The video editor makes the phrase Burning look literate! Create a short videos with laser looks and share them in social networks! The laser eyes effect is a special effect ready to apply with one touch!

1. Turn on Laser eyes. Simulator. Video.
2. Direct camera towards friend’s face or yours.
3. The program will define the eyeline.
4. Video editor will add the Laser eyes effect.
5. Record the video with smoked eyes!

Attention! Laser eyes. Simulator. Video. is only a special effect for camera shooting! In reality you cannot have laser beams coming out from your eyeballs! It’s just post production!

Eyes Laser Effects Camera is an augmented reality application, where you can shot a photo with a fantastic laser effect !
Put out the superhero there is in you , make a super selfies !
Eyes Laser Effects Camera will help you make a selfie with rays from the eyes like a super hero !
Make the coolest selfie with a laser eyes effect and send to your friends or publish on social networks!
Eyes Laser Effects Camera is a cool game application
Surprise your family and friends!

Eyes Laser Effects Camera is an augmented reality application. It does not produce real laser beams but only virtual, only for entertainment.

Thank you for playing our apps! Leave us feedback and assessment, and we'll try to make them even better!

Have fun!!

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