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Happy Wheels 2 is a physics-based ragdoll game. The player has many different.

Happy Wheels 2 is a physics-based ragdoll game. The player has many different experiences in moving,
jumping or running away from obstacles and reaching final destination.
- Play up to 10 characters and 100 levels.
- There are many obstacles for the challenge.
- Realistic physics simulation for characters.
- smooth movement
This is a fun action-packed real-time racing simulation game in Happy Wheels 2!
When you feel bored with your office work, just sit at a table full of hanging paper. Why not roll down the hill under the blue sky with a bike race game flipped on a bike wheel? Drive your bike on a very happy adventure racing under the hot skies.
This game is a simulation game of sports simulation game, the hottest games are happy. Your task is to reach the finish line in different epic locations. On how you will encounter various obstacles that can damage your epic character. The most realistic physics of physics will be shown by a real hacker chopper battle. Experience the real battle with realism with your bay. (Phone) Casters add a little bit of fun to the dazzling music of diving, the fate and the challenge of a serious fighter. Feel the rush to hurry as you negotiate through life-threatening survival simulations, stunts, deadly defying forests, witnessing broken bones, impact and lost fling legs, or few like sausages and taking away so much!
Tap the forward button to start tapping, turn left or turn right to rotate your Wheels into the air. When obstacles are encountered, tap the stop button to slow down. All you need is some time to tap the dive button and a little fortune.
Welcome to "Happy Wheels" - a very happy flipping race simulator fighting game. You will be the master driver driving your passion for hot racing. Your task is to tap the screen to rush and roll volcanoes, fly into the river under the fire, shine on the sky, and then up. Finish Sometimes you just run like an epic master, just dive in a knife to die. Keep in your mind, drive ahead, do not come back, just shoot the sausage, hurry ahead and forward, wait wait, the millionaire spin to fight the real swing. Sausage bike fight If just a little dumb mistake, or you are not a fortune-teller, many ways to die, your flip bike will be destroyed as the paper tear of the paper by engagement.
Experience the feeling rolling down the hill under the blue skies with the wonderful bike race. Drive rolling, run forward, flippy hills, hurry across mountains, paper flowers are falling in the streets. Or just like a master driver, drive an epic bike, flip it over, race a fire and dive in a way that will not die. Rolling down the hill under the hot sky in your freedom bay is a hot runner, your legs tired just one way is to drive ahead and a little fortune, but there are many flip flops to Roll up the mountain to climb, the river to cross, and many ways to die very hard, but very happy.
It is necessary to pass the level and earn points to open new forms of transportation and new places. At the place will jump high speed acceleration lights, circular saws, chainsaw houses and more. Vector graphics simple and exciting. The up song will immerse you in the battle. simulator.Transport The chaos for everyone who dreams to sit sausage, happy flippy bike wheel chairs, motorcycle fling simulator, speed bike sausage. You can also go to the toilet, processing machine, large knives, blenders, punches, saws, bottles, flip-flops and many other amenities.
Time to jump on your wheel and enjoy racing with the game "Happy Wheel". Download it now and join up with friends with fun! Play it!
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