Mükemmel IV ile vahşi türleri yakalamak için gerçek zamanlı koordinatlar

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Güncellendi25 Kas 2020 (2 ay önce)
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Real-time coordinates to catch wild species with perfect iv.
Receive notifications of recently found species so you don't miss any.
Filter the species that interest you most, so you will only receive notifications from your favorites.
Is not sufficient?
You can also filter the levels of your favorite species, in this way you will receive notifications only of the species and levels that you are interested in catching.

#iv100 #100iv #shundo #shiny #shinycheck


-Correction of errors that slowed down the performance so that when solving them the performance increased by 6000%.
-The copy fingerprint functionality was added, which will allow users to be given coins through events held by youtubers and influencers that promote the app.

Email: herreralemus@outlook.es

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