Jewel Mystery 2 - Match 3 & Collect Coins APK

Farklı eğlenceyi yaşamak için klasik oyun ve modaya uygun tasarımı birleştirin!

Sürüm1.3.4 (35)
Güncellendi17 Ara 2020 (1 ay önce)
KategoriOyunlar, Klasik
Yükleme sayısı50.000+

Classic match-3 gameplay, brand-new mission system and idle gameplay. If you like classic elimination games and want to find different excitement, don't miss Jewel Mystery 2.

— Start a fun-filled game
Classic elimination and exquisite gems give you the most comfortable elimination experience, you must not miss it if you like elimination games!

— New idle system
Just wait for 1 hour to receive rich rewards, and the treasure chests in the game will continue to accumulate rewards.

— Explore new areas
By completing the challenge objectives of each area, you can unlock new areas and open regional treasure chests. While enjoying the fun of the level, the treasure chest income will continue to grow! Don't forget to collect gold rewards!

— Challenge interesting tasks
Interesting chain tasks, complete tasks every day, and rich rewards waiting for you to receive, complete all chain tasks and the ultimate prize, unlimited props or discounted gift packages for you to choose!

— Exquisite style design
The luxury and dreamy retro painting style will give you the experience of being in the middle ages!

— Game Features
With the most classic match-3 rules, you can quickly master the game, and you still need to use your wisdom to solve puzzles! Combined with the gold coin system, even if you are not in the game, your treasure chest will accumulate revenue! You will get different rewards every time you open!

Pass more levels, unlock new areas, upgrade your treasure chest, collect more coins, and get elimination rewards in constantly updated missions. If you want to get more elimination rewards, and spin the roulette, see how your luck is on the turntable!

Thousands of levels and beautiful maps are waiting for you to explore. Keep your game progress through your FB account and compete with your friends in Jewel Mystery 2 to see who can solve more puzzles!
Hurry up and join your friends in Jewel Mystery 2!


Increase admission animation;
Optimize the game scene;
Fix some known problems.

Email: help@ivymobile.com

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