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Güncellendi24 Oca 2021 (1 ay önce)
GeliştiriciHectopixel - Free Jewel Games
KategoriOyunlar, Klasik
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Pop 2 or more adjacent bubbles of the same color. The larger group of bubbles you pop, the higher score you get for every bubble.

* 396 free levels
* Let diamonds fall to the bottom
* Use bubble shooters to pop marbles in your way
* Blast ice blocks, totems and spears which block your way.
* Get 3 stars in every level

Power-ups to collect:
* Marble Breaker - Use it to break any marble in the game.
* Color Splash - Change color of all adjacent marbles, so that they match the color of the marble in the center.
* Magic Bubble - Drag Magic Bubble on board to break all marbles of the same color.
* Marble Poke - Use Marble Poke to blast all marbles in one row.

Use the power-ups in a strategic way, in order to help you to break all marbles and solve the puzzles.

The game is 100% free. There is no option to buy anything, no option to connect to any social network.


Fixed the Undo button

Email: support@hectopixel.com

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