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Sürüm3.2 (20)
Güncellendi18 Eki 2020 (5 gün önce)
GeliştiriciShubham Nikam
KategoriUygulamalar, Araçlar
Yükleme sayısı50.000+

😇 Welcome to Material Design Color Palettes...!
The app have collection of material colors. Which provide you easy availability of best colors for any project, packed with love in such a small app size.

Our mission is to build Developer and Designer more Productive.

🌟 Key features :

✔ Beautiful and simple design of color palettes
✔ Extract color from images
✔ Gradient Colors
✔ Color Picker
✔ Trending color section
✔ No Ads
✔ Copy all colors for your projects
✔ Easy accessibility using Fragment
✔ Small Size less than 1MB
✔ Single Screen Design
✔ Usable color code for Android,Web,iOS

📩Queries, Feedback ?
Contact : shubham.theappnerds@gmail.com

Open to learn things in new and unexpected ways....

Download Now…..!


🌟 Save Extracted Colors Palettes
😇 Added Duo Colors background
📌 Bugs Fixes
🌟 UI enhancements

Email: shubhamsnikam1@gmail.com

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