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Loan with Opeso-The lending platform in the Philippines!
Opeso provides safe online loan service to ordinary Filipino borrowers with their financial problems.

Product Introduction: Based on the mobile Internet full-process online loan APP, mainly to solve the small amount credit loan needs of individuals and small business owners in the Philippines, providing small amount loan.

Your loan will be disbursed to your preferred cash-out option once the verification is done.
For Bank and E-Wallet cash-out, you may receive your money while you are paying.

Why choose us?
1. Steps of operation: download the APP, select the loan amount online and submit the information online.
2. Fee transparency: there is no hidden penalty, all fees will be stated after use, and no other fees will be charged.
3. Good service: if you have any questions, please contact us through the online service provided by the app or dial our customer service number.
4. Security: protect all user data, and the information you submit will not be disclosed.
5. Flexibility: it can be renewed; You can re-loan after repayment.

How much can you borrow?
The higher your credit, the more money you get !

Conditions for using Opeso?
The age over 18 years old.
Shop Now and Pay Later minimum repayment period is 91 days and maximum is 210 days. Shop Now and Pay Later maximum effective APR% is at 36%.

For example:
Loan Amount: Php20,000
Processing fee: 10% (Php2,000)
Loan term: 91+ days
Monthly interest rate: 3%
Total payment: Php21,800

How do I use Opeso?
1. Download and install Opeso and complete registration.
2. Select loan amount and repayment time.
3. Fill in the certification information online to submit the application.

Hope you can enjoy our loan products, and hope you can share with your friends and family, let me accompany you to spend a wonderful life!

SEC Company Registration No. CS201903131
Certificate of Authority No. 2896
Tel: 09994153606 (global) 09773186511 (smart)
Address: Oriental plaza, emerald drive, PH, Pasig city, San Antonio

Email: opeso.group@gmail.com

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