Encantadia Photo Editor APK

Bir Encantadia karakterler içine Transform. Kostümler, Cosplay ve Süper Güç ekleyin.

Sürüm8.1 (81)
Güncellendi15 Kas 2020 (2 hafta önce)
GeliştiriciKuya Rudy
KategoriUygulamalar, Fotoğrafçılık
Yükleme sayısı1.000.000+

Missing Parts? Answer: Double-Click to Rotate the Costume from Left to Right.

*** RANK #1 on the Playstore in Philippines
*** RANK #1 on the Photography Category Apps in many countries.

Encantadia Photo Editor or Encantadia Camera is photo editor for Editing Powers and Costumes to your Photos. You can easily become one of the encantadia characters with just a simple process. Not only brilyante because you can add Encantadia Super power effects , Magic Circles, Weapons and more. This is the best and easiest way to edit your photos. Try this Encantadia App and you will love it.

FB PAGE - https://www.facebook.com/EncantadiaPhotoEditor

Tutorial for using Encantadia Photo Editor.

• Select Image from Galley or Open Camera
• Drag the Super Power effects such as Brilyante, Customes, Powers and more.
• Save your Photos and share.

Encantadia is a Philippine version of woman superhero.

App Developer:
Rudy Fabilane

Magic Circles Design by: Carlo Gojo Cruz Halasan

Encantadia Photo Editor can be use in any android phones as long as you can take a picture, you can add Super Power Effects and transform into an Encantadia Characters in your photos.

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Fix for Android 10

Email: rudyfabilane@gmail.com

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