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Autalk PTT Walkie-Talkie


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Güncellendi27 Ara 2015
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Autalk PTT Walkie-Talkie uygulaması

Free and high quality real-time PTT (Push-To-Talk)

Autalk is a free, real-time PTT (Push-To-Talk) app that makes it easy for you to have instant one-to-one and group chats with your family and friends using your smartphone.

You can freely create Social Channels to connect with users worldwide real-time, or enter Driving Mode that is optimized to suit car environment to have safe, convenient group chats with your friends and many other people while you drive.(Comming soon!)

► Driving Mode: safe and easy! (Comming soon!)
Autalk provides car-optimized UI that allows you to have safe chats while you drive.
You can easily jump to another friend or channel using voice commands, with guidance provided through TTS (text-to-speech) technology.

► Driving Channels: talk with people on the same highway and in the same region!
Driving Channels allow you to have chats with users who are driving on the same road in the same direction through automatic grouping. You can also talk with users who are in the same region using this feature, even if they are not on the same road.

► 1:1 and Group Chats: no need to dial numbers!
With Autalk, you can use your smartphone to talk to friends in a walkie-talkie fashion, without any need to dial numbers every time. Autalk is particularly useful when it comes to group chats.

► Social Channels: Meet new friends and share common interest!
You can have group chats and share common interest in public Social Channels, which can be created and searched freely.

► Friend request and invitation: make Autalk friends!
You can find and invite people to make friends in many ways including search by name, friend request to channel members, and sync with Facebook friends list.

Autalk's main features:
• High quality voice chats through real-time streaming
• Autogrouping of users driving according to road and direction
• Walkie-talkie mode
• Real-time voice message reception while running in the background
• Large Group Chats (up to 200 users per channel)
• Works in both WiFi and 3G/LTE data network
• Voice message history and replay
• Push Notification
• Public/private Social Channels
• Selective voice message reception by channel activation/inactivation

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