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14 Haz 2019
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Automobile News & Reviews APP

Ride along in the hottest new vehicles, get up to speed on the latest automotive news and technology, browse enhanced coverage of classic cars, and much more through the AUTOMOBILE News app.

Celebrating the car culture, the AUTOMOBILE app also features profiles of the industry’s top visionaries and personalities, in-depth design analysis of the world’s most talked about vehicles, and information on the latest auto-inspired goods, gear, and fashion trends.

The AUTOMOBILE Magazine News & Reviews app includes:

All the content you've come to expect from AUTOMOBILE Magazine, optimized for your smartphone or tablet…

• REVIEWS – drives and in-depth analysis of the latest vehicles
• CLASSICS – coverage of car auctions, concours, events and more
• NEWS - breaking news, gossip, and eyewitness reports
• BUYER'S GUIDE – get expert input on the automotive marketplace
• PHOTOS – award-winning photography in an updated format
• VIDEO – the latest events, tests and promotional video assets
• SHARING - share what you see via E-mail & social media

We’re always under the hood of our app, fine-tuning the performance of its news and improving the experience for its fans and subscribers.