Bee hive monitoring APK

Bee hive monitoring


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İsimHiveMonitoring APK
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Güncellendi10 May 2021
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Bee hive monitoring uygulaması

Arı kovanlarını izlemek için arıcı girişimi.

Hive scale is a best present for any beekeeper. It is universal for all type of beehives and easy to use.
What you get:
1. Nectar flow (per hour, day, week, month - info and graph)
2. Swarming and robbing alerts!
3. Are supers full?
4. Is winter feeding required?
5. Compare colony strength and productivity
6. Theft alerts!
7. Number of bees.

Hive monitoring the Hive-heart is best present for beekeeper. It is universal for all type of bee hive and easy for use.
What you get:
1. Inside temperature, humidity and sound. (numbers and graphs)
2. Lost of bee-queen alerts!
3. Swarming prediction (3week, 2week, 1week before)
4. Robbing alerts!
5. Strength of colony in winter