Have Chatzy group chats now on an app with better and easier UI


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18 Mar 2016
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Chatzy Lite APP

Have Chatzy group chats now on an app. This app is a good alternate to cumbersome chatzy chatting using browser on mobile.
ChatzyLite is a free private group chat app, where you can create your own chatrooms and invite people to communicate with you either by email or by sending links.
ChatzyLite allows you to save rooms in tabs (max limit 10), so that you can use multiple chat rooms at same time. It also save your session, so your rooms in the tabs will remain saved next time you open the app.
Chatzy is a great website, but I didn't enjoy opening the Chatzy website on mobile browser to roleplay, so I decided to create this app. This app is an extension of the origianl ChatzyFree app and makes it more colorful and easier to use.
The tutorial at the start of the app and the screenshots should give the details of how to create tabs and chat on multiple rooms simultaneously.

- Tabs to use multiple chat rooms at same time.
- Save your rooms in tabs without registering

- Swipe right from the left edge of screen to open the bar with all stored tabs
- Use menu button on bottom right to add/edit/delete tabs