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İsimCroma Safety APK
Sürüm1.9 (10)
Güncellendi07 Eki 2018
GeliştiriciRadiant Techno.
Yükleme sayısı1.000+
KategoriUygulamalar, İş

Croma Safety uygulaması

Croma Store, A Tata Kurumsal ilgili emniyet amaçlı Onun bir In-house uygulaması.

afety is the condition of a “steady state” of an organization or place doing what it is supposed to do. “What it is supposed to do” is defined in terms of public codes and standards, associated architectural and engineering designs, corporate vision and mission statements, and operational plans and personnel policies. For any organization, place, or function, large or small, safety is a normative concept. It complies with situation-specific definitions of what is expected and acceptable.