Colorful challenges and squishy characters


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23 May 2024
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Eggy Go GAME

Eggy Go (Eggy Party) is an action and adventure game that's inspired by Fall Guys and brought to us by NetEase. The game brings you fun rounds packed with wacky challenges in which you have to move around by managing the movements of a ball-shaped character.

The rounded shape of these characters is a huge plus since it makes it possible to move by rolling full-speed over the ground. To move your character, you have a joystick on the left side of the screen. Meanwhile, on the right, you'll find action buttons that let you jump, roll, or use any skill that you've collected. Along the paths you'll find some purple boxes over which you'll pass to get certain special skills. All with outstanding 3D graphics that you can appreciate from any angle by rotating the camera.

Another great thing about Eggy Go is that you won't simply be limited to completing different challenges. This title goes one step further than Fall Guys and lets you mix and interact with tons of other users in a sort of city adapted for these circular characters. What's more, while you're wandering around the streets of this 'resort,' you can also pick up objects that you'll be able to use later on in the minigames.

Eggy Go offers you tons of challenges where you can compete with dozens of other characters. You'll need to be one of the first to reach the goal if you want to classify for the following levels until you make it to the final round. Plus, as you play, you can unlock new skins to customize your character. The fact that you can wander around the game in the city peacefully while chatting with other users, makes for tons of fun that goes great alongside the action.