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Sürüm0.98.0 (31)
Güncellendi25 Ağu 2021
Yükleme sayısı1.000+
KategoriOyunlar, Aksiyon

EscaperX oyunu

EscaperX is a multiplayer real-time online asymmetric confrontation game

Game Background:
In 20XX, the earth is plunged into a nuclear war, and all living things are on the verge of extinction.
Human beings are forced to build refuges and survive hard.
A few years later, a project called "Plan R" is being quietly implemented.

Game Introduction:
The game adopts a single game system. In each game, players can choose to play one of the four escapers or one of the two zombies.
escapers can successfully escape through multiple isolation doors and reach the designated escape area.
The zombies chase the escapers and infect the escapers. The infected escapers mutate into zombies and continue to chase the remaining escapers.
In addition to the confrontation within the game, there are also "refuges" and "laboratories" outside the game that correspond to various rich functions for escapers and zombies.