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Sürüm1.0.9 (11)
Güncellendi09 Haz 2021
GeliştiriciSmart Pug Solutions
Yükleme sayısı1+
KategoriUygulamalar, Sağlık ve Fitness

Fasting 4All Pro - Smart Fasting Planner uygulaması

Plan&keep track of your Fasting sessions - Statistics, BMI, Weight, WTHR & more!

Fasting4All is built based on my own experiences with (intermittent) fasting. The app is intuitive and easy to use. It helps you to keep realtime track of your fasting session. It also gives insight by visualising the essential key metrics from your sessions.

If you use fasting as a diet method, the built in weight tracker may provide useful insights in the relation between fasting and your body weight. On the statistics page these two metrics are placed in correlation with each other so you can see the effects.

This app includes:
* 18/6 , 20/4 and 22/2 intermittent Fasting Methods
* Statistics
* Weight tracker
* Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist To Height Ratio (WTHR) calculator

If you want to try this app first, there is also a Lite version available.