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1000'den fazla favori Filipinli yemek tarifinin tadını çıkarın.


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15 Kas 2020
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Filipino Food Recipe App provides a wide variety of Filipino food dishes that contains more than 1000+ recipes.

It provides a full details of the food with preparation time, cook time, ingredients, instructions and even nutrients.

Philippine cuisine reflects the diverse cultures throughout the archipelago. Popular pork dishes like sisig and lechon originate from the North. In the southern part of the Philippines, must-try local dishes have seafood, beef, or goat as the main ingredients.

Strong foreign influences from China, Spain, and America brought about the mixed cuisine of the Philippines. It is for this reason that some Filipino dishes have striking similarities with international cuisine – techniques and flavors become intertwined to create distinct creations that are uniquely Filipino.

- Categorize recipe that you can filter from main ingredient, course and type.
- Search bar that you can use to look for a specific recipe.
- Full details of recipe with time, ingredients, instructions and nutrients.