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First aid course. Basic nursing uygulaması

Online first aid course to act in case of an emergency


Do you know how to learn first aid step by step , to know how to act in case of an emergency?

Do you know what the basic first aid course consists of and how we should teach first aid to children?

Learn how to give first aid to a baby , to be able to act during the first months of life.

Study basic first aid online, and how we should act on :

. a hemorrhage
. burns and what to apply
. in case of fractures
. before a heart attack
. for seizures
. when choking and drowning occurs
. from carbon monoxide poisoning
. an electrocuted person
. hyperglycemia first aid
. suffocation
. hypothermia
. due to hypertension
. shortness of breath
. before an accident
. fever

Learn all the internet first aid rules and how to act in an emergency.

Online first aid course , which teaches you vital emergency procedures.

Having knowledge of first aid can guarantee you will be successful after an accident if you know how to act correctly.

First aid is intended for the student to know, understand and apply the basic principles for user care in the event of an emergency .

Discover the best tips to provide first aid in a need, for example :

. Do not change position or movement in the patient so as not to damage his neck or spine
. Look for injuries
. Make sure you have good breathing
. Clean wounds
. Stop bleeding
. Take care of the temperature
. Keep calm
. Not give him food
. Allergic children who often learn to administer the dose of the antiallergic
. How to do a CPR

Free online first aid course , to learn the basic techniques of care and resuscitation of victims in emergency situations online.

Giving basic first aid has a great responsibility, so it must be done well and especially in the event of an accident.

Learn to do basic first aid and the benefits it brings us , by downloading this application for free.