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18 Tem 2022
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Gold Inc. GAME

Grow your net worth, while building a gold mining empire in Gold Inc. In this MMO RTS players will rush to unearth over 20 resources, all in the pursuit of gold. Gold Inc offers a unique system for resource collection where each player no matter their level has an equal opportunity to mine resources evening the playing field, unlike the traditional MMO RTS.

- Realistic Fluctuating Live Economy
- Build strategic armies to protect your operation
- Control POI's with commission-based rewards from other players
- Build Alliances to rise to the top of the leaderboards
- Equal opportunity resource collection
- Weekly gold competitions with big payouts

Set up realistic mining operations using dump trucks, excavators, and washplants. Protect your operation with several military types, equipping guns, armor, and ammo strategically for each battle.