GoSports Live Sports canlı ve isteğe bağlı internet akış sporları sunar.


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26 Eki 2020
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Introducing the GoSports® Live Sports app - an app completely engineered to bring your sports viewing experience right to your device.

GoSports® Broadcasting Service is a provider of live and on-demand internet streaming media dedicated to the quality webcasting of sports who have a large following yet little or no exposure via traditional tv or web based media.

We are a service business that plans to provide live and archived professionally produced streams for sports and related content that are not usually accessible to fans.

We aim to :
Film and broadcast events by a professional crew, including commentator(s) and content such as statistics.
Rebroadcasting of archived sports material.
Provide a low-cost monthly subscription model to viewers with a large variety of sports content.
Provide athletes and teams with much needed exposure.
Provide athletes and teams with a personal page with a repository of their videos, feeds and funding promotions.
Provide friends and family a method with which to follow and watch these athletes and teams.
Provide viewers with cross-interest sports using the latest scalable webcasting technology software.