Escape Alive as a Survival Hero From a Deadly Jungle Surrounded by wild Animals


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20 Eki 2023
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Hero Jungle Survival Games 3D GAME

Play Hero Jungle Survival Story to experience the best survival game with realistic graphics and epic jungle environment. Be the survival fighter hero and get ready to find tools and resources that would help you to craft your destiny to escape the jungle. your jeep got crashed in an accident while you came for hunting in safari jungle. Now, you are a lone survivor in this survival games and ready to create your escape in this safari jungle. You are going to fight for your survival by crafting a shelter, find food, hunt animals, build survival tools & try to survive in a Hero Jungle Survival Story game. It’s time to begin the ultimate Jungle survival simulator adventure, kill & run fast in the jungle by making a super hit real hero escape . As a epic hero escape safely in jungle survival from wild animals & use everything you find to survive. Survival on this wilderness is a hard time challenge where you need to gather different resources likes woods stones axe and ropes and make your stay on the tropical forest safe and sound. Wild animals are roaming freely in the rain forest and are in hunt of prey, defend yourself from wilderness and other dangers.

Use your jungle survival skills to stay alive, battle against the wild bears and try to escape. Hunt wild animal for safety and food, Gather the required items for a successful escape mission. It’s time to show your skills of animal hunting, and survival skills in this Hero Jungle Survival Story Game. An extreme jungle adventure is waiting for you where you need to implement all possible escape and survival skills to successfully escape the forest through Island. Swim the river while being on the lookout from the angry and hungry crocodiles and try your best to find a way to escape from this wilderness survival island game. It's not easy because a crocodiles will be nearby, so you better watch out. The challenge is to survive in jungle while avoiding wild animals to make a successful Hero Jungle Survival Story like a real hero.

Features of Hero Jungle Survival Story:

Amazing 3D Jungle Environment
Different Jungle Survival Missions
Build shelter, Fight Animals, Find Tools and Much More
Completely new survival experience
Hunt Rabbit for food
Kill bear & crocodile
Ultimate Jungle survival simulator Experience
Hunt, Battle Bears And Explore The Vast Seas On The Raft
Smooth And Easy Controls
Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics