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27 Haz 2022
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Honor of Kings Global GAME

Tencent and TiMi Studio Group have announced Honor of Kings: World, a gorgeous open-world game that features vibrant, colourful graphics and cool monster fights.

Honor of Kings: World has its roots in one of China's biggest games, the mobile MOBA Honor of Kings. With 100 million daily users, it's one of the biggest games in the world, but is largely unheard of in the west. But developer TiMi Studio Group plans to bring Honor of Kings to the rest of the world, but this time "reimagined" as an AAA action RPG set in an open world. The trailer definitely gives off Monster Hunter and action RPG vibes, which is no bad thing.

Planned for release on "multiple platforms", Honor of Kings: World will see a worldwide release. Very little is known about the game so far, but TiMi Studio Group has offered a rough description of what we can expect.

"To uncover ancient secrets hidden in the whisper of wind, cross paths with a diverse cast of lovable characters, create your own story alongside the living legends of different schools of thought in the Jixia Academy, or delve into the wondrous scenery of the Chang'an city where magic and technology converge ..." reads a post on the game's Facebook page.