Best cell phone tracker for family to track phone location on map with consent.


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4 Ağu 2018
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ilocateMobile - Track Phone GPS uygulaması

Are you often worried about safety of your loved ones or location of your phone?
Now, you don't need to. Install this real time GPS tracker app and know the location of your family and friends on a map easily. Track phone with their consent. If, in future your phone is lost, then track a phone location by using our website.

The Best features of our iLocateMobile – GPS Track app are:

• Know the location of your family on a map, without calling or disturbing them.
• Track a phone number if stolen or lost.
• Track cellphone location history of today and yesterday.
• Set a secure perimeter using our fence tracking system for the safety of your loved ones.
• In Premium version add more than one mobile phone and access 30 days location history.
• One-way phone tracking. Doesn’t create a circle or loop where anyone can monitor everyone.

• Track any phone of any network provider. iLocateMobile supports all types of networks: Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G etc.

• Cellphone track works best when your phone GPS location service is enabled. Track mobile of your family with high accuracy.

• If phone has no WI-FI or GPS Location enabled, mobilelocator will provide phone location by GSM network towers, but it will be with 200-6000 feet accuracy.

• Automatic network selection. Based on your current strongest signal network, iLocateMobile – My phone finder will show you either GPS, WI-FI or from

• Mobilelocator provides you with precise cell phone tracking system.

Tracking your lost android device was never this easier. Using this most accurate cell phone tracker system, you can:
• Find a lost, stolen or missing device whether it belongs to you, your husband / wife, friends or your child. Please note, iLocateMobile – Find My Phone app has to be installed on cell phone.
• Our app’s real time GPS tracker gives you peace of mind and its must for family safety.
• You can easily track & locate Android tablets, or an iPad

✓ You are a parent and are worried about the safety of your children? Don’t worry anymore.

These days we must be 100% sure of the safety of our children. Using our free Mobilelocator app, you can know the exact phone location of your dear ones. You need their consent as they need to install our app on their phone and enter unique invitation code. Please note as a security feature we also send consistent notifications to added mobiles in your account, so that they are aware of who’s tracking them.

✓ You as a teenager often misplace your cell phone and wish you had the best cell phone tracker app? Now you can.

Being teenager is challenging these days. Phones are often lost. Install our family locator app to find lost phone or use it to know your own mobile phone location when you are wandering as a tourist. Also use it as a proof to show someone where you were yesterday.

If you have any question please write an email to us at We will be glad to help you.

Please Note: For the tracking feature to work, our app must be installed on the iPhone or Droid which is lost or stolen. Once you’ve installed iLocateMobile app on your Phone, simply log into our website with your username and password. You’ll see an icon on the map showing the location of your phone.

✓ Download iLocateMobile - Find My Phone, Family GPS Tracker app today to track phone location of your family with consent or find your own cell phone.