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31 Mar 2021
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Instazoom - Zoom for Instagram APP

Instazoom - Zoom for Instagram is the next generation of Zoom For Instagram app, rebuilt from the scratch using modern technologies to provide modern user experience with excellent performance.

After installing Zoom For Instagram, do the followings simple steps to open Instagram media in Zoom for Instagram:
⭐ Tap the media menu or the user profile menu in Instagram application
⭐ Select one of the following options:
- Tap "Copy Link" for media or "Copy Profile URL" for user profile
- Tap "Share To" and select ZoomFI in the opened dialog
⭐ That's it! Instagram media will open in Zoom For Instagram, enjoy

Please note:
⭐ Zoom For Instagram is a complementary application for Instagram and is not developed, provided or supported by Instagram in any way
⭐ Functionalities of this application depends on Instagram implementation, and the application may require updates or even stop working as a result of changes made by Instagram
⭐ Opening media of private users will open it's profile image - this is according to Instagram privacy policy and not a bug

⭐ Bookmark photos, multiple-media, and videos for viewing them later
⭐ Light and Dark Themes
⭐ And many more cool features
⭐ Zoom all Instagram media types, including multiple photos/media, profile pictures, and videos
⭐ Play, Pause, and Seek To, Instagram videos using internal and external media player
⭐ Download all Instagram media types
⭐ Share photos, and videos and not just URLs

Thanks for choosing our application..